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Service. Integrity. Value. Our success since 1939 has been built by consistently delivering on our commitment to these ideals.

A Summary of RC Fischer’s Long History

RC Fischer’s beginning as a San Francisco Bay Area insurance agency goes back to the 1930s. During that time, Rod C. Fischer worked in the San Francisco office of Fidelity and Deposit Company of Maryland and sold surety bonds to businesses throughout the Bay Area.

In 1937, Rod joined the Frank Muller insurance agency and added his considerable bond expertise to the agency’s existing commercial, personal, and employee benefits insurance offerings. In 1939, Frank Muller retired and Rod bought the company and renamed it RC Fischer & Co.

In 1956, RC Fischer became a corporation with Rod Fischer, Jack Fischer (Rod’s son), Walt Merkle, Ray Hitchings and Gordon Richards composing the new corporation’s original shareholders. Over the next 30 years, RC Fischer continued to fulfill its clients’ needs. The company grew as the shareholders built solid relationships with their clients, and bought other insurance agencies.

In 1980, RC Fischer moved its office from Oakland to downtown Walnut Creek. In 1984 Gordon Fischer, Jack’s son, became the third generation Fischer to join the company. In 2014, RC Fischer moved to its current location on Ygnacio Valley Road in Walnut Creek.

How RC Fischer Operates

At RC Fischer we believe the best way to assure our company’s success is to ensure your insurance needs are being satisfied. Regardless of what kind of insurance we think you might need, we’ll examine the threats to your assets and audit your existing insurance solutions by doing the following:

1. Learn about your existing assets and goals
2. Identify the kind and amount of risks you and/or your organization faces
3. Determine whether your existing insurance adequately protects your assets and moves you toward achieving your goals

Because we’ve been providing all kinds of insurance since 1939 and have developed relationships with nearly every kind of business and industry over the years, we’re very good at spotting potential risks when we audit insurance coverage. If our review reveals you’re already well served by your existing insurance, we’ll congratulate you and ask that you allow us to check in with you periodically to see if your needs have changed.

But if the audit reveals gaps in one or more areas, we’ll explain your liability risks and suggest what policies from which insurance carriers would better satisfy your needs.

All of RC Fischer’s insurance brokers are experts in their insurance specialties (business, personal, employee benefits, and surety bonds). They are licensed by California to sell insurance and most have gone through a number of courses and tests to carry professional certifications such as Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter (CPCU) or Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC). Our agents stay up-to-date with current insurance requirements through continuing education courses and are familiar with the Bay Area’s insurance environment.

As an insurance broker offering all types of insurance, RC Fischer brokers have existing relationships, called appointments, with major insurance carriers in California to sell their policies. That means our agents have the flexibility needed to tailor your insurance by using different carriers for different needs.

RC Fischer is the prefect size to handle our clients’ insurance needs. We’re large enough to represent you to the largest insurance carriers and get reduced rates for your policies. At the same time, we’re small enough to give you individual, customized service. The person who sells you insurance will be the one who handles or directs the team that handles your business. Your account manager will be your contact person and he or she will deal with the carrier for you.

RC Fischer’s Service, Integrity, and Value

RC Fischer’s guiding principles are service, integrity, and value. We’ve been around as long as we have because we apply those principles in all our dealings. We’re honest with our clients and we deliver on our commitments to them. That means we serve our long-time clients with as much care and responsiveness as the ones we're new to.

If we don’t answer your call immediately, we’ll get back to you within one day, and often within one hour. That applies outside normal business hours as well. If you really need an answer or something now, we’re glad to answer emails late at night and work weekends to get the job done.

As a broker, we are not employees of any of the insurance companies whose policies we sell. We do consider ourselves advocates for our clients. This arrangement allows us to offer advice on claims and discuss scenarios so that you understand the ramifications of filing a claim and know what to expect. You benefit from the deep experience we've gained through the years of working with our insurance carriers.

Since 1939, RC Fischer has helped business managers, homeowners, and individuals through wars, economic and business climate upheavals, and relative peace. If you're wondering whether you have the right insurance for your needs, call us at (925) 932-7823 or email We'll be happy to audit your insurance coverage and tell you what we find.