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Insurance costs represent a large percentage of general and administrative expense on every contractor’s income statement.

Whether you are a small contractor or large contractor you face considerable risk on a regular basis. Having a comprehensive general liability insurance program can protect your assets should you experience a loss from your construction operations. At R.C. Fischer & Company we take the time to understand your business and the exposures to loss you face. Many of these exposures to loss are passed down to you through indemnity agreements with private owners and public agencies. It takes an insurance broker who has extensive experience with contractors to assist in reviewing contracts and agreements, and identify potential exposures to loss that can be mitigated with the right general liability insurance program.

Having a comprehensive general liability insurance program is a start. However, cost is equally important. At R.C. Fischer & Company we work with all of the insurance carriers that provide insurance for contractors. When we put together a program for you, we work to find the most comprehensive program available at the most competitive price.

At R.C. Fischer & Company we understand the importance of the issuance of additional insured and other special endorsements that may be required by your contract with the owner. Our account managers are trained to provide required endorsements and certificates of insurance in a timely manner as we know you cannot start work on your project until the insurance requirements are met.

To learn more about this service and others, call us at (925) 932-7823 or send us an email. Let us help you get the best insurance coverage to fit your specific needs.