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Did you know that your custom home has unique insurance needs that are probably not being met by a standard homeowners policy?

If you own a high value custom home, you know how special it is – and how special it makes you feel as a homeowner. But do you also know that your custom home also has unique insurance needs that are probably not being met by a standard homeowners policy? It’s true, and many homeowners who enjoy living in high value homes don’t realize that their homeowners policy may not meet their expectations in the event of a claim.

Most high-end homes rely on custom features to provide a luxury-living experience. The problem is, most standard homeowner’s policies are not designed to cover the replacement or repair of these custom features if they become damaged. At R.C. Fischer, we work with insurance carriers who have experience handling high-value home insurance and providing the coverage that’s needed to protect the custom features you love. Let us help tailor your policy with the appropriate detail, all at a competitive price.

Expanded coverage options

One of the benefits of a high-value policy is that it can be designed to include coverage features not found in standard policies. For example, some of our companies will offer a wildfire defense program with the purpose of protecting your home should there be a fire in the area.

The policy is also constructed to take on higher limits.  At your request, a company appointed appraiser will provide a valuation of the home which will take into account all of the features that make your home custom. This also helps solve any questions you may have about finding the appropriate coverage limit for your home.

You’ll also find that the coverage provided for your valuable articles such as jewelry, fine art, and collectibles is first class. Generally, homeowners policies provide very limited coverage for these valuable items. If you instead schedule these items, you’ll be able to insure based on an agreed value with worldwide protection and no deductible.

No two homes are alike, especially when it comes to custom homes. At R.C. Fischer, we’ll work with you to examine your home’s unique risk profile so you can feel confident you have the coverage you need to protect yourself and your loved ones from financial loss.

Let us help you get the flexible coverage you need to suit your home’s unique needs so you can feel secure and protected.

To learn more about this service and others, call us at (925) 932-7823 or send us an email. Let us help you get the best insurance coverage to fit your specific needs.