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Auto, Home and Umbrella

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We provide many coverage options for drivers, homeowners and umbrella insurance needs.

Today’s roadways are busier than ever, and having the right auto insurance is the most important step in making sure you and your loved ones are protected if an accident occurs. Auto insurance protects against property loss and liability claims made when you're at fault in an accident, including physical injury to others. It also can provide coverage for collision and comprehensive damage to your vehicle, including fire and theft.

In addition to your regular road use vehicles, we can help you take care of your classic or antique auto. We are appointed with companies that specialize in this market and design coverage with the understanding that your classic auto is unique.

Let us help you decide the coverage you need to feel safe and confident while you’re out on the road.


Is your home insured the way it should be? It’s important to understand at least the basics of your homeowners insurance and how it would react if and when you need it. RC Fischer is appointed with a number of preferred carriers for homeowners insurance. This allows us to find the carrier with the options that suit your needs for both property damage and liability. We’re here to help answer your questions and work with you to put the right policy in force.

In addition to homeowners insurance, we also have markets available for earthquake and flood insurance, both of which would be coverage outside of your homeowners policy. Give us a Call Today!


Many lawsuits today can result in huge settlements. While standard insurance can handle many of these costs and fees, some settlements exceed the limits of your homeowners and auto policies. Umbrella insurance is designed to ensure you don’t wind up paying for damages out of your own savings or have to bear the burden of garnished wages on future earnings. Umbrella insurance provides an extra layer of protection, and it’s surprisingly affordable.

As an independent agency, we have strong relationships with major insurance carriers from across the U.S., which means we have access to a broad range of coverage types and options, all at the most competitive prices.

To learn more about this service and others, call us at (925) 932-7823 or send us an email. Let us help you get the best insurance coverage to fit your specific needs.