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Recreational Insurance

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Relax and enjoy life knowing you have peace of mind with your recreational vehicles and activities.

Watercraft Insurance

Owning a boat or other watercraft can provide you with years of enjoyment. Don’t let those good times be marred by worries of a costly accident. At R.C. Fischer, we can develop a policy that’s specifically suited to your needs so you can feel safe on and off the water. From coverage for property damage for your boat to liability for bodily injury or property damage to others, we can help you protect your loved ones, your property and your assets. We are appointed with carriers that specialize in marine coverage to address the insurance needs for your watercraft.

Motorhome and RV Insurance

Motorhome and RV insurance can at times be confusing. Falling into the trap of thinking that basic auto insurance would provide sufficient coverage could lead to disappointment when a claim arises.  We work with carriers that focus on providing the right protection for your motorhome or RV with options to cater to your needs.  We’re here to help explain the coverage and how it would apply to you.

Motorcycle Insurance

Your motorcycle is one of your prized possessions.  You spend hours on the open road and for many spend hours working to maintain and upgrade the bike.  We’d like to help make sure that you cover your bike, stock or custom, with the right protection.  At R.C. Fischer, we’re experienced in providing the appropriate coverage for motorcycle owners.  Let us take the time to work with you to design a policy that meets your needs.

Enjoying a little R&R makes life more fun and interesting. At R.C. Fischer, we want to help provide you with the additional peace of mind you need to stay safe while you relax and have fun.

To learn more about this service and others, call us at (925) 932-7823 or send us an email. Let us help you get the best insurance coverage to fit your specific needs.