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Rental property insurance offers different types of coverage to help protect you against a range of losses.

Your rental property can provide you with a steady cash flow as well as significant tax advantages. But it can also be a source of risks and hazards that can only be offset by having the right types and amounts of insurance. And because your rental exposes you to a different set of risks than your own home, you need a policy that’s specifically designed for the needs of an investment property owner.

Loss of rental income

If a loss under your policy results in your rental property becoming uninhabitable for a period of time – for instance, while your property is being cleaned and repaired or rebuilt following a fire – this type of coverage can replace the income you would normally be receiving through rent.

Liability Coverage

Liability coverage protects you against accidental damage on the property premises for bodily injury or property damage for which you are legally responsible.

Umbrella coverage

While it would be a separate policy, we recommend umbrella policies for liability protection above and beyond the coverage limits of your standard policies so you’re protected in the event of a major lawsuit. It’s an affordable option to provide that extra peace of mind you need to feel safe.

You purchased your rental property with the aim of having a steady stream of income, and having adequate insurance coverage helps protect your investment and your hard-earned savings. At R.C. Fischer, we understand the unique needs of investment property owners.

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